About Us

Welcome to Councilofresearch.org

Councilofresearch.org is an innovative idea of Let’s Grow Together group of Prof. Jagdish joshi.  The site is managed by the team of research scholars.

This site features the latest conferences, research papers, article on research, literature, social sciences, English language teaching, education, culture and many more.  The team curates many quality sources everyday to bring out the best for the visitors.

Council of Research offers a breadth and depth of digital media content that is immersive, engaging and brings the world into the classroom to give every scholar a chance to experience fascinating people, places, and events.

Our mission is to bring accessible, affordable, engaging, and highly effective research to the world. We believe that research is a basic human right, and we seek to empower our scholar to advance their education and career. Research is no longer a one-time event but a lifelong experience. Research should be less passive listening and more active doing. Research should empower us to succeed not just in academia but in life.

At present the site is visited by about 330 persons each day.