March 19, 2016 Jagdish Joshi 0

Examples It may have been kismet that brought the business duo together, but it was a case of smart research and development on his part […]


March 16, 2016 Jagdish Joshi 0

The writer’s essay includes some valid points, but they are obnubilated by his convoluted prose style. “Early street lighting had the disconcerting effect of obnubilating as well […]


March 14, 2016 Jagdish Joshi 0

NOUN  A metrical tale, typically a bawdily humorous one, of a type found chiefly in early Frenchpoetry:one may dispute that the French fabliaux are pornographic[AS […]


March 13, 2016 Jagdish Joshi 0

NOUN  (In skateboarding and snowboarding) a jump performed without the aid of a take-offramp, executed by pressing the foot down on the tail of the […]

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