4 New Google Drive Updates Teachers Should Know About

Over the last few weeks, Google has been rolling out some cool new features and functionalities to Google Drive. For those of you who haven’t seen them yet, below is a quick overview of the major new releases. Our favourite feature in this collection is number four which allows Drive file owners to set expiration dates for access to files  they share with others. After the expiration is over ,file receivers are denied access.

1- Link sharing on Google Drive

Drive has recently added a new functionality that makes it easy for users to quickly share files via ‘Get sharable link’. This is how it works: select the file you want to share, click on ‘ Get sharable link’ icon and the link will be automatically saved to the clipboard for easy distribution. Receivers will only have view access, however, “To prevent accidental over-sharing, the user will see an animation when clicking the link icon that makes it clear that the permissions are being changed to allow the link to be shared with view access with those who will be receiving it. In addition, there is a confirmation message that appears on the screen, alerting users of the change in permissions, and giving them the option to easily undo it.” This feature works only in Drive for the web.

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