A Handy Collection of Digital Activities to Use with Students in Class

If you are using Whiteboard in your teaching then you should definitely consider these free resources fromScholastic.  ‘Interactive Whiteboard Activities’ is a section in Scholastic where you can access a variety of interactive tools to use on your Whiteboard to engage students in different learning activities. These materials are organized into four main categories: Language Arts, Social Studies, Science and Math, and Learning Games and Teaching Tools.

Each activity comes in with a set of instructions or tips on how to integrate it in your class. To access these instructions click on ‘See Whiteboard Tips’ and you will be able to see the skills targeted by the activity together with some practical tips on how to use it on Whiteboard. Click on ‘ Go to Activity’ to start using the interactive tool accompanying the activity. For instance, in the ’Science and Math’ category, there are seven major interactive tools (activities) covering different topics.

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