Critical Mass ELT: Reflections on the World of English Language Teaching

It’s time to move on from the theft experience last week. I thank everyone for their support and am now back to blogging about good old ELT. I am a bit apprehensive as I am competing with some very interesting, thought provoking and well-attended discussions like Gavin Dudeney’s on self-promotion in ELT.

I am working to my strengths and sidestepping my uncomfortableness with assessing my male colleagues’ “crudentials” on a blog or twitter (or anywhere else for that matter). Take a seat with me if you want, but know that I am possibly the biggest party pooper in ELT (can’t help wondering though what it would mean if the tables were turned and someone ran a poll on the women in their PLN?).

I want to read this article. 

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